Under The Sea – Hotelier Middle East

Aquarium operations manager Warren Baverstock works around the clock, both above and below the water’s surface, to ensure that everything goes swimmingly at the Burj Al Arab Aquarium.

The day before he arrived in Dubai, Warren Baverstock was diving in the UK, try­ing to capture the last of four seven-foot sand tiger sharks for the opening of the country’s deepest aquarium exhibit.  After successfully relocating all four sharks, he left his job as aquar­ist diver with the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth to join the Burj Al Arab team as assistant oper­ations manager. Two years in this role prepared him for the top job and by that time, Baverstock already had big ideas for the team. “After taking over the operations manager role 2003, I made it my personal goal to address and improve several areas of the life support sys­tem,” says Baverstock. “Working with Jumeirah’s vet and a top US life support specialist helped me realise these goals.”  The result is that Baverstock now cares for one of the healthiest collec­tions of marine life in Dubai.  He is also responsible for a group of exhibits at sister hotel Jumeirah Beach Hotel and the successful Dubai turtle rehabilitation project at Mina A’ Salam. Continue reading